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Davey says he loves his new Wilbers shocks on his beatiful cafe bike. Nice work Davey!
Airhead.freak over on flickr posted this picture.

A customer offroading his GS
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Jim Robertson and Ned Marandino take 1-2 in the Alcan 5000

Congratulations to Jim Robertson and Ned Marandino for their first and second place finishes respectively in the
motorcycle class of the Alcan 5000 race in Alaska. Jim and Ned both rode F650 models serviced by the BeemerShop.
We are proud to announce their bikes performed flawlessly.

Our hats are off to Ned for competing in the race despite a badly swollen foot from a previous encounter with an
automobile on the backroads near his home. The last time I saw him he was on crutches but determined to compete in
the race anyway.

See a few photos below, or see them all.
Local Riders Sweep Alcan5000 Motorcycle Rally

Veteran Santa Cruz County motorcycle racers Jim Robertson, 59, of Aptos and Ned Marandino, 69, of Larkin Valley
swept the top two places among twenty-two motorcycle rally competitors from all around the United States in the 2006
Alcan5000 Rally. This nine day, 4400 mile rally proceeded from the Seattle area on August 14, went through British
Columbia, the Yukon, to the Arctic Circle, the Northwest Territories and Alaska, finishing in Anchorage on August 22.
The event website is

Both Robertson and Marandino earned Iron Man awards for successfully completing all parts of the 4400 mile course,
mounted on their BMW F650GS's. Numerical scoring was based on gaining minimum penalty points for each second
of early or late passage through the many hidden checkpoints in the timed sections of the course. Robertson bettered
all motorcyclists in the scoring and Marandino was a close second.

A large portion of the rally was routed on remote dirt and gravel roads, with rocks, mud, freezing rain and hailstorms
adding to the difficulty. Highlights of the ride included an early morning 150 mile round trip from Dease Lake, BC, on a
winding, deserted, muddy, cliffside road to Telegraph Creek, a remote Indian fishing village. There was an all day 365
mile ride from Whitehorse up the Canol Road in the Yukon till the seldom used dirt road simply vanished into the arctic
tundra wilderness of the Northwest Territories, camping out overnight at road's end and returning the next day. From
Dawson City in the Yukon there was a 600 mile round trip up the muddy Dempster "Highway" to the Arctic Circle and
back. The "Top of the World Highway" from Dawson to Tok, Alaska, followed and then a 166 mile round trip into the
beautifully scenic Denali Pass.

Map of the Course
Jim Robertson, at the Arctic Circle in the Yukon, fresh as a daisy.
Ned Marandino, too tired to get off the bike and smile for the camera.
Ned and Jim at the finish tent in Anchorage, after all day ride in the rain had washed the mud off Ned's bike.
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