Siebenrock Piston Kit AB

Siebenrock Piston Kit AB
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    Price: $325.00
    Shipping Weight: 1.60 pounds
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    Replacement 1000 cc piston for Siebenrock replacement kit.

    ONLY FOR NIKASIL CYLINDERS Siebenrock 1000cc pistons 9.5:1. Fits all 1000cc Nikasil cylinders, including the original BMW cylinders. At 9.5:1 compression, this kit is an excellent way to restore torque and HP to the low compression engines from 1980-on with parts that have less reciprocating mass for a smoother and more responsive engine.

    To lower compression to 8.8:1 use one part number 11 11 1 335 650 base gasket under each cylinder.

    Sold individually, for a set order quantity of two. Includes:

  • Moly coated lightweight 9.5:1 forged pistons.
  • Lightweight high performance wrist pins.
  • Set of 4 pin clips.
  • Complete ring set compatible with Nikasil cylinders.

    Specify your cylinder type A, B or C when ordering which is stamped at the base of your cylinder.

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