GS-911 3-Pin Adapter

GS-911 3-Pin Adapter
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    This adapter is required to connect your GS-911 interface to the older models that have a 3-Pin Diagnostic connector. It is intended for models that have the MA2.2 Engine control unit and ABS-II (if equipped with ABS).
    • Covers the following models:
    • R1100GS ('93-'99)
    • R1100R ('94-'01)
    • R1100RS (93-'01)
    • R1100RT ('95-'01)
    • K1100LT ('94-'99)
    • K1100RS ('94-'97)
    • R850GS ('99-'02)
    • R850R ('94-'03)
    • R850RT ('98-'02)
    (Please note: This is NOT a stand-alone product. It requires a GS-911 interface)