Guard Dog Moly Grease

Guard Dog Moly Grease
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    Replacement for the Honda Moly 60 lube, this grease is what we've been using in our service department with great results. Stays put better than any other spline lube we've used, and we've tried them all. Great for final drive and clutch splines, throttle gears and various pivot points on the older models, driveshaft splines and clutch splines on the newer models, and anywhere a thick moly based grease is indicated.

    Details from the manufacturer:

    GD-525 Moly Grease is a synthetic, high temperature grease designed for all types of shaft splines. For motorcycles, use it also to lubricate u-joints, swing arms, starter drive gears, bushings, pins, cable barrels, levers, ect. For industry, GD-525 is a general purpose EP machinery grease, and a grease for the "fifth wheel" and king pin on tractors.; trailer hitch ball. (GD-525 is not a lubricant for wheel bearings and chains.)

    GD-525 Moly Grease provides uniform and durable boundary lubrication under extreme pressure to prevent wear on the two mating steel surfaces over a wide temperature range. With a high dropping point, it will not run off from heat. It is adhesive to prevent wash out and sling off. Moly is a solid film lubricant with a low coefficient of friction and an affinity for steel and other metals. The moly decreases friction of the two counter-moving sliding surfaces by filling in microscopic pores of the metal surfaces and plating out over the surface. The fluid component of GD-525 is a blend of synthetic hydrocarbon base stocks, commonly called “synthetic oil“ (Groups IV & V). Hydro processed mineral oil or a mineral/synthetic oil blend is not used. The synthetic oil in the grease has a higher tolerance for heat than mineral oil, which means GD-525 resists oxidation and evaporation; the synthetic oil creates a stronger film of lubricant than mineral oil. In combination, the components of GD-525 provide exceptional capability to reduce friction and wear over a long period of time.