The GS-911 is a Diagnostic Tool for BMW Motorcycles - a specialized tool consisting of a unique software and hardware
combination that allows the BMW motorcycle enthusiast the ability to communicate with the control modules in a safe
and controlled manner. 

Use the GS-911 to read and clear Diagnostic Fault Codes, show ECU Information, reset Service Reminders, perform
Component Function Tests and even Recalibrate Idle Actuation!

The intelligent electronic interface works in combination with Windows PC software and is also available is mobile
software for most mobile phones, including Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobiles (as well as the iPhone
w/Generation II GS-911 wifi).  This makes the tool portable enough to take on any trip.

In the true spirit of adventure associated with your motorcycle, the Bluetooth and WiFi interface allows you to use it with
most modern mobile devices, including iphones & ipads... no need for anything else...

Robust & compact - only 85g  Excellent for field diagnostics - Android & Blackberry support - Runs on WinXP & Win7 &

*please note; Generaton 1 Mobile software allows you to use the Emergency functions only.  Service & maintenance functions such as resetting service
reminders are only available in the PC software.  The Generation 2 WiFi mobile software currently allows you to use the Emergency fuctions only with
the exception of re-setting service reminders.
What does it do?...
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